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    Forget post-its, pencils and notebooks. The Salesagent app makes it very easy to follow up on your activities and to get work done.

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    Find rewarding clients.


    Salesagent is a great place to find new clients, and to run and grow your own sales agent business.

    Salesagent Work for your ideal client(s). On Salesagent, you run your own business and choose your own clients and activities. Just complete your profile and we’ll start sending you job offers. You can also search for jobs and respond to client invitations.

    If you are the kind of person who likes to focus on one thing at a time, then working as sales agent for a single company is probably the best thing for you.

    On Salesagent, you can find a company to work for, negotiate a great compensation deal, work and get paid securely.

    Heads-up: It may take some time to find that single perfect match. That's why agents who choose to work for several companies find work almost instantly.
    Do you enjoy the challenge of interacting, negotiating and selling in a dynamic environment?

    Find great companies to work for, almost instantly. Sign up for free, connect with companies and watch the offers fly in.
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    Do what you do best.


    Different companies have different business needs. You decide which ones you are willing to fulfill.

    Salesagent Be a traditional sales agent: Search for leads, go prospecting, face clients and close deals. It doesn't get more traditional than that.
    Salesagent Be an inside sales agent: Perform internet research, generate and qualify leads, help drive sales from behind the scenes. Your work will help other salespeople close deals.
    Salesagent Be a direct sales agent: We bring the magic of direct selling to you. Earn money in your free time by selling the products that you love. No one can beat that.

    Of course, you can combine your skills and cover multiple areas of work on Salesagent. For instance, you can be an inside sales agent for one client and a client-facing agent for another.
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    Work when and where you decide.


    On Salesagent, you are the boss of your own time, so you can work as little or as much as you decide. Location-wise, obviously, you are free to roam the world, as neither we nor our clients enforce strict office policies.

    Salesagent A few hours here and there. If you are a student or already employed and want to earn an extra on the side, Salesagent is the right place.
    Salesagent Regularly. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to get hired by clients that use Salesagent.

    How much you will earn depends entirely on you.

    You are free to set your own terms. If they match the client's expectations, it's a match!

    • You decide your expected hourly rate and/or commission
    • You decide how many hours you are willing to work
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    Get paid on time.


    All projects include Salesagent Payment Protection — helping ensure that you get paid for all work successfully completed through the Salesagent website.

    Salesagent All invoices and payments happen through Salesagent. You can count on a simple and streamlined process.
    Salesagent Opt for hourly and fixed-fee contracts. For hourly work, submit timesheets through Salesagent. For fixed-fee jobs, funds are released by Salesagent at regular intervals.
    Salesagent We support different payment options. Choose a payment method that works best for you, from direct deposit or PayPal to wire transfer and more.

    Basic Agent registration on Salesagent is free, forever.

    Every time you get paid for your work, we charge a service fee, taken as a percentage of your earnings on Salesagent.

    • 20% of your earnings if you are on a free Basic Agent plan
    • 10% of your earnings if you are on any paid plan
    • 0% of your earnings if Salesagent employs you
    When you sign up on Salesagent, you get a Basic Agent plan for free by default.

    You can easily upgrade to a Regular Agent plan directly from your Salesagent app, for a monthly fee of 10€, or 100€ if paid yearly. In both cases, doing this will immediately reduce your Freelancer service fee from 20% to 10%.