Salesagent Group is a technology organization operating globally, with multiple regional offices and local partners. We are structured as a Swiss verein.
  • Salesagent
    Salesagent Group Limited

    Our flagship company, Salesagent Group Limited is responsible for the overall intellectual property of the group, including trademarks and contracts.

    20-22 Wenlock Road, London, UK
    +44 20 33 22 11 44

  • Salesagent
    Salesagent SPRL

    Salesagent SPRL, located in the heart of the European Union, processes payments and manages daily operations of the Salesagent platform.

    BE 0841.069.380
    Square Marie-Louise 33/1, Brussels, BE
    +32 2 888 64 88


Salesagent offers a unique work environment focused on flexibility and teamwork. We are always looking to recruit top talent so take a moment to review our employment opportunities!
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