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We have built a network of thousands of headhunters from around the world, ready to help you find the perfect permanent sales representative for your company.
  • Global network of headhunters

    It's easy to hire a great sales representative on Salesagent. That's because thousands of headhunters around the world already have a proven track record of helping our clients.

  • Simple app to track the hiring process

    Forget post-its, pencils and notebooks. The Salesagent app makes it very easy to follow up on your job applications and candidates.

Get started   right away.

On Salesagent, you can instantly post a job opening and start working with several headhunters at once.
  • Salesagent

    Post a job description for a sales or marketing position in a few clicks.


    Salesagent makes it very easy to post a written description of your sales job opening, along with details of what your ideal candidate should be like.

    Salesagent Our app guides you and makes suggestions for the best job description.

    Once you register on Salesagent and we approve your company account, you will be able to access all our services, including the network of headhunters world-wide.
  • Salesagent

    Manage your hiring process with the Salesagent app.


    Goodbye e-mails and chatrooms. The Salesagent app lets you with headhunters worldwide in an easy and convenient way. It's simple, intuitive and streamlined for hiring a salesperson.

  • Salesagent

    Pay easily, with peace of mind.


    Traditionally, paying headhunters in countries around the world was a complex and time-consuming process. With Salesagent, we take care of everything.

    Salesagent Simplified global payments: We deliver payments to headhunters in over 170 countries.

    Salesagent Includes Salesagent Payment Protection: Only pay for work you authorize.

    Salesagent Invoicing and reporting: Access your invoices and transaction history on Salesagent.