Hiring an agent   is easy.

Hiring on Salesagent is easy, convenient and safe. Basic registration is free, without any fees or commissions. You only pay for the actual work of agents that you hire.
  • Global network of agents

    It's easy to find sales agents to work with on Salesagent. That's because thousands of agents around the world already have a proven track record with our clients.

  • Simple app to manage your agents' work

    Forget post-its, pencils and notebooks. The Salesagent app makes it very easy to follow up on your agents' activities and get work done.

Get started   right away.

On Salesagent, you can instantly hire agents when you need them.
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    Hire an agent of your choice.


    On Salesagent, you choose who works for you.

    Salesagent We will automatically propose the best candidates for your company, and you will decide whether you accept working with them or not.

    Salesagent You can also select, interview and hire agents from our database on your own. You have complete liberty, and you can choose to pay your agent on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your mutual agreement.

    Once you register on Salesagent and we approve your company account, you will be able to access all our services, including the network of sales agents world-wide.
  • Salesagent

    Manage your team's work with the Salesagent app.


    Goodbye e-mails and chatrooms. The Salesagent app lets you manage the work of your sales team in an easy and convenient way. It's simple, intuitive and streamlined for selling, rather than for chatting. Simply point and click to let your agents know which tasks they are expected to deliver.

    Built into Salesagent are several methods of verifying work. On hourly contracts, you can review the Work Diary. It tracks billable time and records completed work. On fixed-price jobs, you and your freelancer agree on activities for each assignment. When your freelancer completes one or more activities, you review the work and release funds when the work is approved.
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    Pay easily, with peace of mind.


    Pay your freelancer by the hour, or a fixed price for the entire project. Either way, use our escrow service to release funds as pre-set milestones are met.

    Salesagent Simplified global payments: We deliver payments to freelancers in over 170 countries.

    Salesagent Includes Salesagent Payment Protection: Only pay for work you authorize.

    Salesagent Invoicing and reporting: Access your invoices and transaction history on Salesagent.

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    Be in control and stay informed.


    On Salesagent, you are in control. Our powerful sales dashboard makes it easy to follow your agents, leads, activities, opportunities and costs, giving you a powerful sales forecast and avoiding any surprises.